EA + Porsche Agreement to END in 2017

Porsche AC

It is official: EA’s exclusive partnership with Porsche will NOT be renewed in 2017! After 15 years, Porsche has decided to expand their licensing options to other racing titles.

This news comes to us from SpeedManiacs.com, in the form of an interview with Marco Massarutto of Kunos Simulazioni and Sebastian Hornung of Porsche. The article is a good read (with the help of Google Translate), but this interesting excerpt has been taken:

” I will focus the focus in a somewhat different direction. For how does a small team such as Kunos Simulazioni get the license from Porsche, although Electronic Arts possesses a kind of exclusive rights? According to Sebastian, one has always followed the happenings regarding gaming apart from EA. The license with EA runs out this year, because one has come to the realization that the current situation is no longer desirable for both sides. Accordingly, the deal will also change with other game developers. After 10 years absence of pure-race simulations one wants to again “wider”.”

This is BIG news for the racing world! We will now be able to see potential for the German manufacturer in more racing titles! Could we finally see Porsche in the Gran Turismo series in the form of GT Sport? How about iRacing or rFactor 2? The possibilities are far greater now, with this announcement.

We still have 19 days left in 2016, but I am excited to see what 2017 will bring. Where would you like to see Porsche? Let us know in the comments!