DMi Games Forms NASCAR Interactive


Eutechnyx has been making NASCAR games for the consoles (and PC) since 2011, but recent news has come up, that may signal a changing of the guard. Ed Martin and Tom Dusenberry have teamed up to form Dusenberry-Martin Interactive, or DMi. They have obtained the NASCAR assets from Eutechnyx, and will be making NASCAR games this year.

DMi Games

Now these names may seem unfamiliar to you, but Ed and Tom have helped build a legacy of racing video games. Prior to DMi, Ed Martin has a history spanning EA, Hasbro, and Papyrus. Ed worked on the NASCAR Racing, NASCAR Heat, and EA NASCAR titles. Tom Dusenberry also worked with Ed on NASCAR Heat, before taking an executive position with Eutechnyx.

DMi has stated on their site that they are planning on making NASCAR titles under the NASCAR Interactive Entertainment umbrella. They will be developing not only for the consoles and PC, but mobile games will be coming as well. I do not know if we should be concerned because of the diversification, because having a mobile game does not automatically mean PC/Console games will be garbage.

What I am hoping is, under ideal circumstances, Ed and Tom’s legacy in the racing game world will seep through, and we can get quality NASCAR titles from DMi. Ultimately, time will tell, but let’s hope for the best!

What are your thoughts on DMi taking the reins from Eutechnyx for NASCAR titles? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: The main image is from the ETX Racing site, which has removed all other information. Interesting…