Niels Heusinkveld Q&A Pt. 6 – Modding and Physics

Niels Heusinkveld is one of the major forces in the world of sim racing, not only running a high-end hardware manufacturer, but also has...
Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager – Developer Previews

While most of us in our hobby enjoys getting behind the wheel of the cars in racing simulations, some of us really enjoy the...
NBA Racing at CES

Watch NBA Players Try Sim Racing at CES

The NBA lifestyle can commonly be associated with fast cars, but what happens when you put them behind the wheel of a racing simulator?...
JBM Racing Jarama competition

JBM Offering a Shot to Race Around Jarama

I received an interesting message today from JBM Racing, a sim racing group located out of Spain. They mentioned to me that they are hosting...

Could We See E-Racing in Formula One?

One of the hot topics of 2017 is the Formula E Vegas Visa E-Race, which saw 20 racers racing for a $200,000 first prize....
Porsche AC

EA + Porsche Agreement to END in 2017

It is official: EA's exclusive partnership with Porsche will NOT be renewed in 2017! After 15 years, Porsche has decided to expand their licensing...

Race Track Builder on Steam Greenlight

Back in March, a new utility from the maker of Bob's Track Builder was announced. Race Track Builder was unveiled alongside a 40 minute preview...

Video Highlight: Which is the Best Racing Simulator?

GamerMuscle has decided to attempt a harrowing task; attempting to tell us what "The Best Racing Simulator" is! As a result, we have a...

WRC 5 Announced

Milestone had been making the WRC racing titles until Big Ben Interactive obtained the rights in 2014. They spent the year working (largely in...

My Summer Car Released on Steam

Are you looking for something a little different, to take a breather from hucking the Porsche 917/30 around the Nordschleife? How about a driving...