Occasionally, we get videos showcasing how racing can be art. Fortunately, we’ve also had people in the Sim Racing community be able to capture that art form in the world of our hobby. I wanted to highlight two of my favorite video makers in the world of sim racing, 6e66o and stabizisback.

Both video makers made a name for themselves making high caliber videos utilizing rFactor, and have since moved onto other titles. Specifically, Georg Ortner (6e66o) took a job working for Sector3 Studios, so he has a lot of RaceRoom Content on his channel. Stabizisback migrated over to iRacing, so he has some quality footage of iRacing. Both of them also delve into other sims too, so they don’t overly focus on their stuff.

6e66o’s most known video would EASILY be his 2008 compilation video of rFactor content. This was put together as part of an rFactorCentral competition, and absolutely DOMINATED the competition! With over 280,000 views, this video truly was a cinematic gem highlighting the golden age of rFactor.

The video admittedly is quite dated in some elements, especially with some stuttering frames in parts of the video, but it is still one of my favorites of all time.

6e66o has some hallmarks in his “cinematic videos”, where you commonly find him inserting voiceovers and historic footage. Fun fact: He made the trailer for the Porsche Carrera Cup 2007 Mod for rFactor, which I got a laugh out of. I mean, I like Rise Against, but I’m not sure if I’d pair their music with Porsche GT racing!

What I found is that, while 6e66o tends to go for more of an artistic feel in his videos, stabizisback will go for a more action packed feel. I found stabiz’s videos to be similar to Ron Howard’s video style in Rush, which can be a good thing. However, I know that some people don’t exactly like the “quick cut” style, but I think it flows quite well with the videos.

stabizisback’s most popular video is his “Best looking rFactor crash EVER” video, showcasing a wreck at Spa Francorchamps. The video did a beautiful job capturing the crash between a Toyota Supra and a BMW M3, to a dramatic score. This video actually edges out 6e66o’s video, with 320,000 views!

A few years ago, stabiz moved onto Assetto Corsa and iRacing footage, with some true gems. His videos primarily focus on single car runs and multi-car battles, as opposed to compilations. Some of the iRacing videos are true masterpieces, with a couple of them almost looking lifelike.

Sadly, stabiz hasn’t put out any new videos lately, with his latest video being ten months old, but we still have his incredible backlog to enjoy! 6e66o has a lot of videos, primarily focusing on RaceRoom Racing Experience, but there are definitely a lot of videos for us to enjoy!

If you have time to kill, these channels are definitely worth a watch! What is your favorite Sim Racing Youtube channel? Let us know!