Fixing Some Grand Theft Auto V Issues


Well, I know Grand Theft Auto V is not a sim racing title, but I know this title is quite popular with the sim racing community. It’s got fast cars, a first-person driving mode (on PS4/Xbox One/PC), and also bikes (both pedal and motor).

I have been getting a lot of reports of a variety of issues with the title, and I’ve encountered quite a few on my system myself. I’ve spent the past couple days investigating, and I’ve found some resolutions a couple issues I had with the title. Hopefully what I have found can help your experience in Grand Theft Auto V!

Issue 1: Game Freezes and Crashes: “D3D Failed to Initialize”

Upon first playing the game, I would have totally random crashes, where the display would freeze, and then I get an error screen in the background. I could not alt-tab to see it, but I could luckily figure out what it was via my second screen. It said that D3D failed to initialize, and if it persists, re-install the game.

Now, I didn’t exactly want to re-install 60GB, so I tried looking around for solutions. As I was looking, a new update for my Nvidia Graphics Card was released, 350.12. I installed that version, and it solved my crashing problems.

Issue 2: Grand Theft Auto V Stuck at 30FPS, and Stutters Like Crazy

When I updated to the latest driver, it caused issues with the frame rate, where it was sticking to 30 Frames Per Second, and it would start stuttering like crazy after a half hour or so. No matter how low I would turn down the graphics, it would stay at 30. That got me thinking… “What graphics setting locks down a frame rate?”

The answer… is V-Sync. I believe there could be a flaw in the V-Sync function in Grand Theft Auto V, and that caused in the graphics issues. What I did to resolve it was:

  • Turned off V-Sync in GTA V
  • Turned on Adaptive V-Sync in the Nvidia driver settings
  • Turned on Triple Buffer in the Nvidia driver settings

Now I have an Nvidia GTX 650ti BOOST, which is a fairly mid-range graphics card, and these adjustments made things VERY smooth on high settings. I would recommend these adjustments to anybody looking for a smoother GTA V experience.

Have you had any issues playing Grand Theft Auto V on PC? What did you do to resolve them? Let us know!