Friday, August 7, 2020
Sim Racing E-Sports

Why Hasn’t Sim Racing Taken Off in the E-Sports World?

E-Sports have become a major force in the gaming world, with many people gathering together to watch people play games such as Overwatch, League...
FIA Formula E

Exposure: A Double Edged Sword

It can be argued that, in terms of Sim Racing exposure, we are reaching more people than ever before. With titles such as rFactor 2,...

Opinion: Reviving the Sim Racing Community

Matt Orr, who goes by the moniker "Empty Box", is one of the top Sim Racing Youtubers. His latest video highlights a rather controversial...

Will a High End Set of Pedals Make You a Better Driver?

Last month, I released a video asking the question if a high end wheel can make you a better driver. The TL:DR version of...

Video Shootout: Stabizisback and 6e66o

Occasionally, we get videos showcasing how racing can be art. Fortunately, we've also had people in the Sim Racing community be able to capture...

5 Things We Take for Granted as Sim Racers

While Sim Racing is a great way to get the thrill of racing wheel-to-wheel from the comfort of your home, it is not able...

rFactor 2 – Can it Rally?

One thing that many people are looking for in the Sim Racing community is an authentic rally racing title. The last title regarded as...

Fixing Some Grand Theft Auto V Issues

Well, I know Grand Theft Auto V is not a sim racing title, but I know this title is quite popular with the sim...

Why Don’t We See More Fantasy Cars?

One of the greatest parts of Sim Racing is that we get to replicate driving some of our favorite cars, meticulously crafted by either...

Some Sim Titles You May Have Missed

In the world of Sim Racing, we all know about the "Big 3" titles: Assetto Corsa, iRacing, and rFactor 2. These have established themselves...