My Favorite Youtube Channels

One thing I’ve been wanting to do is make a page sharing fun Youtube Channels for you guys to check out! Some of them are Sim Racing, some of them aren’t but they are all channels I enjoy, and I hope you do too!

As time goes on, I’ll flesh out the list, but here’s the first round!

Sim Racing Youtube Channels

Jimmy Broadbent

Jimmy and I have been friends for quite a while now, and it’s been awesome to see the channel grow the way it has! Jimmy has a true passion for most everything that runs on four wheels and “petrol” (as they say Across the Pond), and it truly shows through what he does! He may be a little crazy, but in the best possible way!



A well-known Tea-a-Holic, and notable for his poor choice in Hockey teams, James West, aka GamerMuscle, is another great Youtuber with a passion for racing. Some of his videos can be a little offbeat, but they can be a lot of fun to watch! Remember, if you go to his Youtube channel, be sure to tell him the San Jose Sharks are better than the Pittsburgh Penguins!


The SimPit

Shaun Cole, known for his previous tenure as the Co-Founder of Inside Sim Racing, has one of the most energetic personalities in all of Sim Racing! The SimPit is a solid channel for those really looking for an all around Sim Racing experience. He has tutorials, reviews, test drives, just about everything!


Random Callsign

Random Callsign is a bit of an acquired taste. I’m not too much into the “Sim Tuner/Touge” Scene, but RC has a great channel highlighting the discipline. Mix in some Eurobeat, and you’ve got a pretty solid combination! Ricardo’s a pretty nice guy, so I’m happy to recommend the channel, even though I’m not a big Touge fan myself.


Sim Racing Garage

In the “Reviews that are almost like so smooth, they’re like ASMR” corner, we have Barry Rowland and Sim Racing Garage. In a garage that looks FAR more organized than mine, Barry puts together some of the most in-depth Sim Racing reviews and impressions videos ever! If you have an hour or so to kill, sink some time into one of Barry’s videos!



Some Non-Sim Racing Channels

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee, also known as “MKBHD”, is one of my favorite tech reviewers, bar none! He has a solid charisma, a great wealth of knowledge, and a level of interaction with the community that is almost unheard of for “top tier Youtubers”. He keeps his reviews concise and to the point, which really makes them enjoyable!

Dude Perfect

One of the reasons I think I enjoy Dude Perfect so much, is that these guys are the “Kids at Heart”. I remember playing games in the streets or in my back yard, hitting rocks with a baseball bat, trying to hit those rocks into targets. These guys, they never grew up, but they are AWESOME at trick shots! Also they always strive to have clean content, and I really value that. Also, check out their “Stereotypes” Series, it’s hilarious!


Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning is one of those weird channels that you will either enjoy, or go “WHAT THE HECK?!” at. I am a mix of both, but it is a great channel, and a good “Variety Show”. They’ll give you answers to questions you never asked, and you gotta admit these two buds have some good on-screen chemistry! Fun fact, a couple years ago, I considered doing a similar show with Bryan and/or Jeff!


Butch Hartman

Growing up, I really enjoyed the shows “The Fairly Oddparents” and “Danny Phantom”. About a month ago, I discovered that Butch Hartman, the creator of both shows, had his own Youtube channel, and has some cool content! You’ll commonly see fans do fan-art envisioning their favorite TV show’s characters Ten Years Later, but how about the show’s creator doing that?!

If you grew up enjoying these shows, like me, you’ll likely love this channel!