Yesterday, we had what suspected to be a leak of the Logitech G29 from a Maxconsole article. Many people disputed its authenticity, citing that it was from a relatively unknown source. Now, we have a second leak, and this one appears to be much more credible. Yesterday, Speedhunters released a new article about Ghost Studios’ Need For Speed Reboot (video trailer below), and inadvertently gave us a look at the box art for the Logitech G29 Driving Force, as well as the pedals.

Logitech G29 Peek

If you look under the desk in the center of the photo, you’ll see the box. While it is blurry zoomed in, you can clearly make out the words “Driving Force” on the black side of the box, and barely make out “G29” above it. Seeing the rumored wheel under the desk of a AAA video game developer all but confirms that this wheel will be coming, and likely coming quite soon.

This preview also gives us out first good look at the pedals, and they look nearly identical to the ones in the Logitech G27. If anything, the gas pedal may be a tiny bit thinner, but the construction looks to be the same. I think this may be a good thing though, as it could be possible many of the mods for the G25/G27 pedals could transfer to the Logitech G29’s pedal set, and the previous pedals may be cross compatible.

You can barely make out the wheel on the black side of the box, and it looks to be largely the same as the leak from yesterday. However, I think there may be some minor differences, particularly in button placement. It is hard to tell though, due to the resolution of the image.

Notably absent from the box art is the shifter. In my previous post, I speculated that the shifter would likely be sold separately, judging by that leak showing a separate box for the shifter. Now, this looks to confirm the “Logitech Driving Force Shifter” will be, in fact, a standalone product. This seems to be a logical step, since the wheel looks to have all the buttons on the unit itself, as opposed to putting the majority on the shifter itself. The question remains: will it be a totally redesigned shifter, or will it be similar to the previous wheels’ shifters?

Hopefully more of these answers will be revealed at E3, where Logitech does have a booth. If the Logitech G29 Driving Force is unveiled at E3, and is at a competitive price point, I could see it being a popular wheel for people looking for PS4/PC cross-compatibility, but aren’t wanting to shell out $400+ for a Thrustmaster T300RS.

What are your thoughts on the Logitech G29 Driving Force? Let us know in the comments!