iRacing – Interview with Kyle Larson


iRacing has released a new video, featuring an interview with Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Larson! The video talks about the racer’s passion for racing, as well as his experiences with the online racing service.

It’s awesome hearing some of what he was saying, especially since he is a local racer, and I’ve seen him race around my local track. I also know that he’s had a passion for iRacing as well, as I remember racing him a few times back in 2011/2012, which was a blast.

I want to pull one interesting quote from this interview though: “The level of competition on iRacing is better than real life. I mean, you’ve got thousands of drivers on there that are probably better than what you see on TV, but they just haven’t had the opportunities to make it.” That is astounding to hear from the guy who is currently second in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series! When he’s so candid about “struggling for Top 10’s in the Xfinity Series” on iRacing, that speaks volumes for the level of competition in iRacing.

The interview is definitely a great watch, and gives you a bit of insight into the mind of Kyle Larson, one of my favorite active drivers in NASCAR! What did you think of the interview?