iRacing – Day to Night Transitions Confirmed


Two days ago, we released a speculative article talking about what was going to be coming to the future of iRacing. One of the biggest announcements was regarding day to night transitions and dynamic time of day. Now, we have the OFFICIAL announcement from iRacing, that it is not only in development, but also in also in-sim!

In this initial video, we are only seeing an early version of the system with a “clear sky” model, but the full Day to Night/Time of Day system will be incredibly fleshed out. It will also factor into the weather system, which will be improved, featuring volumetric clouds, dynamic exposure, and more.

The dynamic exposure and clouds systems are huge, since that means cloud cover and shadows will factor into the track temperatures and grip levels. We already see track temps dynamically fluctuate due to changing track conditions and cars driving on it, but now it will be directly affected by the time of day changing and cloud cover/shadows.

While the footage didn’t explicitly show footage of tracks at nights, it’s pretty obvious that the goal for this is Day to Night transitions. That will be a great builder of immersion for endurance races, especially the 24 Hour events, such as Daytona, Spa, and Le Mans. It will provide an added challenge to, as sunrise and sunset can provide a challenge in terms of visibility. I’m looking forward to seeing how it shapes up!

There is no confirmed release date for when day to night transitions and dynamic time of day is coming, but I’d wager to say Season 1 2018 would be my best bet. What do you think?