A Hint at the Future of iRacing?

2018 IndyCar iRacing?

Over the past weekend, we got some interesting tidbits of information regarding what is to come to iRacing, courtesy of Steve Myers! For those of you who don’t know, Steve is the Executive Vice President/Executive Producer for the online racing service, and he has been a go-to for some great information on iRacing. I recommend checking out his Twitter for up-to-date info on iRacing.

Steve responded to some community tweets over the past weekend, and shared some exciting information that should paint a decent picture of upcoming content for the sim:

2018 IndyCar Coming Sooner Than We Think?

One of the most exciting developments for American racing is that IndyCar is going to a new body style next season. While still based on the IR-12 chassis, the rear bumpers on the DW12 have been removed, and the car has a much sleeker, modern look to it. So far, the community has had a positive reception to the car, and the question remains, when will it come to iRacing?

Based on Steve’s tweet, it sounds like we should be getting the new car sooner rather than later! The DW12 came to iRacing a full 2 years after the car was first used, much to the frustration of IndyCar fans, but it’s nice seeing iRacing being more proactive to get the latest IndyCar iteration out quickly!

New GT3 Car(s) Coming?

The next bit of info should please fans of the iRacing GT3 series! This tweet came from a conversation talking about the possibility of the BMW M6 GT3 coming to iRacing (which sounds very unlikely, since it appears the M6 will be phased out after next season for the M8 GT3?). However, Steve is saying that another GT3 race car should be coming soon (insert “Soon” joke here).

Day-to-Night in Progress

The last tidbit is another confirmation that the development team is working on day-to-night transition in the sim! With the advancements in the sim, such as track build-up, air temps and (limited) weather settings, it seems like day-to-night is the logical next step (especially with endurance races in the sim). It sounds like development is underway on that, and maybe we’ll hear more as time goes on (April Fools 2018, anyone?!).

While there isn’t too much in the way of concrete confirmations, it sounds like iRacing has some exciting things in the pipeline! What do you think? Let us know!