Driving the 2018 IndyCar in iRacing

iRacing.com has released their latest update for their online racing Sim, and one of the notable additions is the Dallara IR18, which will be raced in this year’s IndyCar championship.
IndyCar IR18
This is a significant release, because it comes AHEAD of the real world car’s race debut at St. Petersburg this weekend. iRacing had a reputation for being somewhat late for most content, for example, releasing the Dallara DW12 in 2014, after the car had been in service for TWO YEARS. Now, it looks iRacing is being more pro-active, which is nice for IndyCar Fans!
The new IndyCar looks reminiscent of Early-to-Mid 2000’s race cars, and it’s all the better for it!
The Dallara IR18 features reworked bodywork, and a new, streamlined aero kit. Gone are the crazy oragami-kits of the more recent DW12 race cars, now the wings look more reminiscent of older race cars, such as the old ChampCar vehicles, and I think that’s for the better! The IR18 is, in my opinion, one of the more beautiful open-wheel race cars out there! I’m not a big fan of the SuperSpeedway configuration, but I have a feeling the extremely slick, almost “sci-fi” look may grow on me.
The iRacing version of the IR18 feels quite reminiscent of its predecessor, and I mean that in the best possible way. The car feels lively, has just about the right amount of power, and has low enough downforce to keep things interesting. From what I’ve heard, the IR18 generates around 25% LESS downforce than the DW12, so that keeps things quite interesting.
This car has quickly become one of my favorite cars in iRacing, and is a blast to drive. I’m very excited to do some races with the car, and see how it performs in wheel-to-wheel action!
Have you given the new IR18 a spin yet? What are your thoughts?