Video Highlight – SimTag Sim Racing Cockpit


It’s always impressive seeing what people can put together in the Sim Racing world, especially when real world parts get mixed in. I got a message from SimTag, showing off a video of their high end racing cockpit. Well, it’s actually two cockpits, showcasing an online race in Assetto Corsa, featuring Group C race cars running around Spa.

Looking at the bottom right frame in the video, you see the two simulators in action, and that one is actually hooked up to a motion platform! Other than that, the two rigs are identical, and are quite impressive when you take a look at the specs.

The SimTag cockpit is constructed out of Aluminum Profiling, and it looks very sturdy. Despite the monitor stand also being attached to the frame itself, I am not really seeing any flex in the triple screens, which is impressive in itself. From what it looks like, the simulator utilizes a SimSteering 2 System, using the “53” motor, rated at up to 20.5NM of torque. The pedals are an adapted set of Tilton 600 series pedals utilizing a hydraulic system. The shifter and handbrake look like they were pulled out of a real world race car, and also use real world components.

The PC is also a fairly beefy one to power the triple 144Hz screens that are used:

  • Latest Gen Intel i7 CPU
  • Asus Premium Motherboard
  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080
  • 16 GB high speed DDR4 memory
  • 500 GB SSD storage
  • 600 Watt Corsair silent power supply
  • Aluminium chassis by Silverstone
  • Windows 10 64bit

The setup is also able to utilize the Oculus Rift, for people more inclined to try that. This is a very impressive setup, and looks remarkably well put together.

However, this setup appears to be one of those “If you need to ask for the price, you probably can’t afford it” setups. Judging from my experience with CXC Simulations, which uses similar components in their Motion Pro II cockpit, I’d wager that this would be north of $50,000 USD EDIT: After talking to SimTag, they stated the cockpit starts at around €11,000. Judging from that, I believe the setup+motion would likely be around €20,000 or so. Apparently you can rent the setup on a “Per Hour” basis at Spa Francorchamps, for €60 / Hour, or you can also have a “Training Session” with a driving instructor for €100 / Hour. Hey.. at least it’s a better value than Porsche’s simulators!

It’s always cool seeing setups like this put together, and what can be done with real world racing parts! If you ever go to Spa Francorchamps, you may want to drop by and give this a test! Tell me what you think too ;)!