Video Highlight: Force Dynamics Tackles AC Nordschleife


While Force Feedback can be a great way to recreate the feeling of virtual cars, some swear by motion cockpits to recreate the “seat of the pants” feeling. Some hardware manufacturers, like SimXperience, have actuators pushing a seat around while stationary on the floor. For those looking for a more… CRAZY option (and have access to a very disposable income) can check out Force Dynamics 401cr, which uses a “suspended” design.

The guys at Force Dynamics released a new video, showing off a lap around Assetto Corsa‘s Nurburgring Nordschleife with the Lotus 98T. The result is 7 minutes and 42 seconds of insanity! Watching this video shows off how bumpy the Nordschleife is, and how well it was recreated in Assetto Corsa. I will admit, I feel a little queasy after watching the video, but it’s worth it (those prone to motion sickness watch at your own discretion).

The Force Dynamics 401cr is one of the most advanced “consumer” motion simulators available. It available as a full featured package, including an i7 powered computer, triple monitor setup, and custom wheel and pedal assembly. The 401cr touts a possible 120° of rotation per second (and claims its competitors are only capable of 50°/s). It also features the ability to spin in any direction without slowing down. For more information, you can check out this video.

While I’ve never tried out a motion rig (closest was a cockpit with 2 SimVibe transducers), I’d love to take this for a spin (and keep on spinning). What are your thoughts on the Force Dynamics rig? Let us know in the comments!