Shaun Cole Reviews SimSteering 2


One of the top-tier steering wheel options is Leo Bodnar’s SimSteering Force Feedback System. Now, we have the the SimSteering 2 Force Feedback System. Shaun Cole of The Simpit was able to get his hands on a review unit of the wheel, and gave his thoughts on the unit.

The unit Shaun reviewed utilizes the “53” motor, which generates a staggering 20.5 Newton Meters of torque. To compare, a Fanatec Clubsport Wheel can produce around 7 NM. That’s not even the strongest SimSteering unit either! The 54 Motor ramps that number up to TWENTY-SIX NM of torque!

The SimSteering 2 also markets itself as a “Force Feedback System”, and not a “Wheel”, and for good reason: the unit does NOT include a steering rim/shifter/buttons/yadda yadda. It’s just a massive honkin’ motor with a mini computer to tell it where to go. You’ll need your own wheel rim, as well as an adapter. However, in the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t matter too much. Shaun claims that the SimSteering 2 is one of the best and strongest units he has ever gotten his hands on. Given his track record, I am inclined to believe him as well. I drove a similar Direct Drive wheel back in 2015, and I’d say it almost spoiled me for other wheels!

The SimSteering 2 Force Feedback System starts at the low (/s) price of £2,250 (around $2,750 USD). What are your thoughts on the revamped SimSteering system? Let us know!