Sim Rig Highlight: Jason Jacoby’s Sim Rig


Sim Racer Jason Jacoby has shown off his custom one-of-a-kind sim rig, fitted inside the body of a NASCAR Stock Car!

Jason Jacoby is a die-hard NASCAR fan, so he decided to show off his “NASCAR Shrine”, which is filled with authentic merchandise from the American racing series. However, the highlight of the room is his custom rig, which was custom designed with some help from Kirk May Racing. The rig was fitted with a Leo Bodnar SimSteering 2 racing wheel (using the “54” motor) and HPP pedals. A Max Papis Inovations steering wheel was paired to the SimSteering system. The shifter was not explicitly mentioned, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a custom build.

A carbon fiber seat and surround sound help to accentuate the immersion factor of the sim. In addition, Jason uses an Oculus Rift CV1 to provide a total visual immersion factor.

This is definitely one of the more impressive sim rigs I have seen in a while, and reminds me somewhat of Remco Hitman’s Tyrell Replica he built himself! I’d like to thank Jason Jacoby for showing off his love for Sim Racing, although it may not have been the smartest to go into heavy debt for it! 😉

Jason Jacoby

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Now, the important question, who wants to get Domino’s with me after watching this video!?