Derek Speare is very well known for high quality accessories for sim racers (I have my own 2014 Track Boss button box). Now, in a rather surprising move, he has decided to enter the Chassis/Cockpit market, with his “American” chassis!


The Derek Speare Designs American Chassis was just announced a couple nights ago, and features a very beefy design. The assembly is of welded tube-frame steel (similar to what is used in NASCAR chassis), and will have a very sturdy construction. Derek claims that there will be no shake or wobble in the chassis, and let’s hope he is right.

The American Chassis will be hand-made “in America by American Sim Racing Enthusiasts”. It is planned to be compatible with most major wheels, pedals, and shifters. It looks like the cockpit will have the option to either use a DSD-supplied seat, or the option to use your own seat. The chassis will also feature a lifetime warranty, just in case something goes wrong.


Derek plans to start shipping the first units this Spring. And now for a bit of bad news: it will initially be ONLY available in the United States. Plans are to possibly expand to Canada in the future, and possibly internationally, if a distributor can be found. No price has been listed, but Derek has warned that it will “not be cheap”.

Are you interested in Derek’s first entry into the cockpit market? Let us know in the comments!