DEM DRS Integrale – Latest Improvements


DEM Racing Simulators is not exactly a well-known name in sim racing,but they are looking to change that, with their DRS Integrale Professional Steering System. The wheel was first announced in January of 2015, and features an interesting twist for a high-end wheel. While most high-end steering systems have adopted direct drive servo motors for Force Feedback, the DRS Integrale is utilizing a two-motor gear-drive FFB method. Now, we have a new preview video, showing off some improvements to the unit. Most notably, the video shows off new electrics, a new steering wheel, and new FFB mechanics.

While a gear-driven wheel may sound warning bells due to the reputation of being “low end”, this is far different than a Logitech wheel. The DRS Integrale uses steel gears, compared to lower end wheels using plastic gears. That allows the wheel to use stronger motors as well: the wheel is capable of 14NM of torque. That’s almost as much as the AccuForce wheel!

The wheel was expected to be open to orders this Spring, but it looks like it may miss that deadline. No price has been announced either, but it is looking to undercut other high end wheels in the industry.

DEM Racing Simulators contacted me in March about the possibility of sending me a review unit of the wheel, so stay tuned to further developments.

What are your thoughts on the DRS Integrale? Do you think a gear-driven FFB wheel can be successful in the high end wheel market? Let us know in the comments!

Features (From January Article)

– 2x 24v 200W high torque contrarotating engines, made in Italy
– 1 reduction stage with large diameter steel gear wheels made in Italy (no belts)
– engines and gear wheels mounted on large diameter bearing
– reducer box ergal made machined from solid mounted on CNC laser cut steel base, fully made in Italy
– 1 encoder with 10000 PPR mounted directly on the steering axis (steering wheel position is not influenced by the presence of the reducer)
– 14 Nm torque (to be confirmed within January)
–  1024 torque levels for each steering direction (with a resolution of 8 grams of force on a 30cm large steering wheel)
– possibility to modify steering wheel’s inertia via software to adapt it to different type of cars
– integrated electronics, with no external components
– Assetto Corsa plugin that gives you the chance to modify the force feedback response as you prefer (we are working to get this on the other main simulation softwares)
– fast customer care service thanks to products available on our national territory
– Windows driver to recognize the peripheral as a force feedback device
– USB connection
– size: 210x270x120(h) mm
– weight: 12 Kg