CXC Simulations Converts F1 Car to Racing Simulator


With the highly competitive nature and constantly shifting nature of Formula One’s technical regulations, F1 race cars are constantly discarded in favor of new models. The question comes up: what do you do with those older chassis? Well, why not convert it into a racing simulator? CXC Simulations has recently finished converting a 2009 Williams FW31 into a high end racing sim!

CXC Simulations F1 Cockpit PanoramaThe specific car was the one piloted by Nico Rosberg in the 2009 Formula One championship to a 7th in the Driver’s Championship. CXC Simulations spent 400 man-hours working on the car, gutting out the components, and fitting it with high-end simulator components.

The car features the same wheel that Rosberg used in the real life car, retrofitted to work on a SimSteering 2 Direct Drive system. The pedals are not explicitly mentioned, but if my experience with CXC is any indicator, they have likely used their own in-home hydraulic pedal set. The simulator will give drivers a choice between either a 12k triple-tv setup, or the Oculus Rift VR experience.

Now the big question is, where can you drive this? Well, this was actually a commissioned job for Norwegian Cruise Lines, and it will be on their Norwegian Joy cruise liner, along with four Motion Pro II cockpit setups. So make sure you get your sea legs on first!

CXC Simulations F1 Car

This is definitely one of the most stunning cockpits I’ve seen in a long time, and I actually got to see it in progress back in January! Sadly, despite some heartfelt pleading, Chris did not let me sit in the seat…

What are your thoughts on this remarkable sim? Let us know!