CXC Makes Red Bull RallyCross Simulator


CXC Simulations is one of the premier Northern American racing simulator companies, offering high end racing solutions for race teams and people with wayyy too much money to burn. With their setups STARTING at $49k, it takes a very special client to invest in that setup. Red Bull is the latest on the list of those clients, contracting CXC to create a RallyCross simulator.

Intended to be a training tool for “High Performance Athlete Training Program”, CXC were given three requirements:

  • It had to replicate Red Bull’s World Rallycross car
  • It had to incorporate real parts from the car
  • It had to be intense………. (when you put 10 dots in a video, you KNOW they’re serious!)

Judging from this video, it looks like CXC nailed their goal! The simulator uses a Recaro seat, and a sequential shifter and hydraulic handbrake, pulled from a real Rallycross car. It uses a direct drive steering wheel and hydraulic Tilton pedals to give as close a feeling to real life racing as possible.

One interesting thing I noticed is that I believe they are using DiRT Rally for the software side. I found it fairly funny that for the RED BULL racing simulator, they decided to pick a sim plastered with Monster Energy ads, but hey, to each their own!

Last year, I got to get behind the wheel of a CXC simulator, and I’ll say it was a great experience. I can definitely see how this could be used as a solid training regiment for up and coming Rallycross drivers, to learn new techniques and racing form.

Fun Fact: The driver in this video is none other than CXC Simulations founder Chris Considine.