AussieStig Visits Vesaro in the UK


Youtube personality Mark Puc, better known as AussieStig, got an opportunity to visit Vesaro in the UK to test out their racing chassis!

Vesaro is known for their high end racing simulators, and their Formula Chassis is a racer’s wet dream. I mean, who WOULDN’T want a Formula One car in their house (besides those who would want a Stock Car)? AussieStig was able to test out their V75 Stage 3 simulator, which comes in at a staggering £66,658.00! That is just about $83,000 USD!!! What you get with that is 3/4 of a Formula Car (I guess they chop off the nose and front wheels to save on shipping) mounted on top of a D-Box motion setup. The configuration also features a direct drive racing wheel, hydraulic pedal set, triple 65″ curved TVs, and a Bose surround sound system. For more information, check the bottom of this post.

AussieStig also got to take a drive on Vesaro’s Modular setup, featuring what appears to be their Stage 8 Commercial Rig. This clocks in at £60,627.00 (around $75,000 USD), and features most of the same functions at the Formula Chassis. You don’t get the cool car, but you also save £6,000!

It sounds like I will be getting a Vesaro cockpit to review in the near future, but I’m willing to bet it sadly won’t be either of these setups. I’m truly jealous of AussieStig right now, and I hope he had a great time there! Maybe if I’m ever in the UK, I’ll give this a try!