Mad Catz Files for Bankruptcy

Mad Catz Bankrupt

One of the well-known video game hardware manufacturers, Mad Catz, has announced that they are filing for bankruptcy, and has “ceased all operations”. The hardware manufacturer, founded in 1989, has shut its doors.

Mad Catz MC2

Mad Catz had some roots in the Sim Racing world, as well as being the manufacturer of my first wheel, the MC2, which I raced with Gran Turismo 3/4 and Forza Motorsport 1. It wasn’t a great wheel by ANY means, with just 270 degrees of rotation, and a rubber band system (no FFB), but it was still a fun entry point into sim racing!

The last wheel produced by Mad Catz was the “Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel”, which had some ambition, and an Alcantara wheel rim, with 4 paddles on the back. However, it was held back by a gear driven system, while it had a near $400 price tag, which put it into competition with the Thrustmaster T300RS/TX bracket. The wheel was also planned to feature a modular ecosystem, which will sadly not come to fruition.

It will be sad to see Mad Catz go though, with them being such a prolific manufacturer of “Player Two Controllers” (Man… I HATED playing Super Smash Bros with that controller!). What are your thoughts on Mad Catz going under? Let us know!