New Look at GT Sport’s Livery Editor: Custom Images?

Gran Turismo Sport Livery Editor

We may have some more information regarding the upcoming Livery Editor for Gran Turismo Sport, and it may be better than we thought! From early previews of the new feature to the Gran Turismo Series, it appears that the editor could support the import of custom logos and icons!

A couple Polish posts have popped up, one from Mens Health Magazine, of all things! They posted a photo of them testing out the livery editor:

Roughly Translated, this is what that caption says: “While you’re still sleeping, we are in Tokyo testing the latest version of Gran Turismo Sport. In the livery editor, the Men’s Health Logo adorns the Alfa Romeo 4C . Sensational game, we look forward to the premiere!”

I find it interesting that specifically the Men’s Health Logo is present. I would find it unlikely it was part of the arsenal of logos that would be available in a tech demo. Also, with the icon on the second from the left, it does specifically look like an “Import” button. My theory is that you would be able to import an image from a USB stick, and implement it into the editor, where you can place it on the car.

This other tweet from Michal Pisarski looks to reinforce some of my theory.

Roughly translated, the tweet states “I am playing corpomobil in Gran Turismo Sport 🙂 Many interesting things I learned”. The “Onet” logo on the car looks to trace back to a Polish site, so that would likely reinforce the “import a logo” theory as well.

This is a great move forward for the Livery Editor for Gran Turismo Sport, so I’m excited to see what comes out of it! Maybe we’ll see a few Sim Racing Paddock cars in the field?

What are your thoughts on the upcoming livery editor for Gran Turismo Sport? Let us know!