85% of GT Sport to be Offline Content?

GT Sport GT3

The next iteration of the Gran Turismo series is coming this year, and is marking a bit of a shift in direction for the racing series. While the previous Gran Turismo titles seemed to be like a “Pokemon Game on Wheels”, where you collect hundreds of different cars to race, GT Sport seems to be focusing on the online competition side, with a smaller car and track roster than we’ve grown accustomed to. Many were fearing that this could mean we are seeing drastically less single player content, but it appears that an video with Kazunori Yamauchi may help calm those fears.

In the video from Playstation Experience, Kaz (and his trustworthy “Translator-San”) address some of what’s to come in Gran Turismo Sport. One interesting thing that was mentioned is that he claims that only 15% of the content in GT Sport will be oriented around the online competition side. That means 85% will be focused around the single player racing side. Given the scale of what the title is looking to do online (Officially sanctioned FIA races, driver ranking system, multiple series, etc), it sounds like the single player experience should be much greater than we are anticipating.

We know that GT Sport will feature a “Campaign” mode, which leads you through 150+ racing drills and then will give you an FIA license upon completion. Arcade mode will bring custom races, the livery editor makes its introduction to the Gran Turismo Series, and the photo mode has been re-branded as “Scapes”. However, the question remains, will there be more? 85% is quite a large percentage, and from what we know so far, this is sounding somewhat svelte in terms of content.

Another positive thing to come out of Playstation Experience is the fact that GT Sport will NOT contain microtransactions! Microtransactions were a sore spot in Gran Turismo 6, which gave you the opportunity to pay more money to buy credits. You had to pay over $100 to buy the Jaguar XJ13, which was simply insane! Thankfully, it sounds like for the next iteration in the series, they are doing away with that. Good move, PD!

We should be getting more information regarding Gran Turismo Sport as it gets closer to its release on October 17th. What do you think of the latest news? Let us know!