Gran Turismo Sport – 4K Trailer + PSX Footage


While we still do not have a concrete release date for Gran Turismo Sport, we are getting a steady influx of new footage! We have a new trailer, and also some direct-capture footage from GTPlanet, showcasing the upcoming PS4 racing title.

Starting off, we have the new trailer, from the Playstation Experience show. The trailer is gorgeous, as is par for the course from PD. In addition to the standard road racing, we are seeing rally and oval racing, but we do not know to what extent that will be featured in the game.

GTPlanet did a great job securing some direct capture footage of GT Sport from the event. We get to see (and hear) the game in action, and I’m fairly excited. While it is true that the sounds can still be improved further, the game looks AMAZING. One thing that is slightly concerning is that there were a few small dips of the frame rate, but hopefully more optimization can be done before the game’s release.

Gran Turismo Sport will be coming out sometime in 2017. It will feature full support for the PS4 Pro, including 4K, HDR, and the wider color gamut to be able to provide the best visual experience. Will that lead to the best Gran Turismo game yet? Time will tell.

Do you think Polyphony Digital will be able to pull off a solid PS4 racing title? Let us know in the comments!