Gran Turismo Sport is one of the most eagerly anticipated racing titles yet to be released for the Playstation 4, and we did get a little more information about the title from E3. However, there was no concrete release date, but we may finally have that, a week after the curtains dropped on the event! Citing the Playstation Official Magazine, GTPlanet has stated that Gran Turismo Sport is planned for a November 16th release!

Now, this is still speculation at this point, with no confirmation from Sony or Polyphony Digital, but there is evidence to potentially support this rumor. GT Sport was originally slated for release November 16th, 2016 before encountering delays, so I’d believe there could be a chance Polyphony Digital is planning on the release a year later. This is also a big ticket title for Sony, a potential console seller, so they may be trying to capitalize on the Holiday season.

Gran Turismo Sport will be the latest in the highly esteemed Gran Turismo series, and is looking to shift focus to the competition side of racing, as opposed to being a “Vehicular Pokemon-style racer”. The title will feature a more svelte roster, boasting 177 “Super Premium Models”.

One other exciting element that is looking to be in GT Sport is the improved sounds. The Gran Turismo series has been notorious for cars that “sound like vacuum cleaners”, but according to recent videos, the sounds are making solid improvements. They’re still not perfect, but THOSE DOWNSHIFT SOUNDS THOUGH!!! O.o

Are you excited for Gran Turismo Sport when it comes out, possibly this November? Let us know in the comments!