Gran Turismo Sport Beta 1.08 Released


The Gran Turismo Sport Beta has been in action ever since this Spring, and has been showing promising signs of improvement. With each update, we seem to have another new improvement to talk about! Now, version 1.08 of the closed Beta has been released, and it looks like there have been improvements made in the damage engine!

A few days ago, Gran Turismo Sport was shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which teased pit stops and mechanical damage. Now, that update has made its way to Beta testers, and should show off some new features. The patch is a fairly lightweight one, tipping the scale at 84 megabytes, but the update looks to show that big things come in small packages.

The big feature in this update is definitely the mechanical damage, to give more simulation of the consequences of car contact. Judging from the above video, it looks like the Mechanical Damage is pretty solid, if not reminiscent of what I saw in Gran Turismo 5 (I never actually drove GT6, so I can’t speak for that). The visual damage still seems to be lacking, but hopefully we could see better damage as development progresses.

Polyphony Digital is going to be hosting some online events with the new mechanical damage, as well as tire wear and fuel consumption, so if you’re part of the beta, you may want to check that out! Be sure to let us know your thoughts afterwards!

Gran Turismo Sport Update Information (1.08)

Main Features Implemented

Time penalties will now be incurred if collisions between cars take place under certain conditions.
The issue that caused camera settings to be reset when restarting a race has been fixed.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

Various issues have been addressed.
Furthermore, after this patch has been applied, we are planning to hold races that feature tyre wear, fuel depletion, and car damage. Be sure to give them a try!