Gran Turismo 6 vs Gran Turismo Sport Comparison


MotoGamesTV has released a video, featuring a comparison between Gran Turismo 6 and the Gran Turismo Sport Beta. The video showcases the Nissan GT-R GT3 race car around the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Taking first impressions from this video comparison, it is clear that the lighting in Gran Turismo Sport has seen a significant improvement over its predecessor. There seems to be a greater dynamic range, and the visuals look far more authentic. Another noticeable improvement is in the trees. It appears that the trees are now rendered in 3D, as opposed to two 2D pieces spliced together. This looks better (most of the time), and is a welcome improvement.

Getting to the sounds, they appear to not has as much of an improvement as the visuals, but there is some. The car sounds a lot closer to the real life counterpart, but the car still has the same audio “quirks” that people have been known to be critical against. For example, the transmission whine still seems to be quite overblown, and the tire sounds are still lackluster.

However, when it’s said and done, it is apparent that there is a definite step up in quality for GT Sport, and that is a positive thing to see. Hopefully, as development progresses, we’ll see further steps in quality.

No concrete date has been set for the final release of GT Sport, but the Beta is still underway. What are your thoughts on this comparison between GT6 and GT Sport? Let us know!

EDIT: GTPlanet has also just posted a new comparison screenshot, this time comparing Willow Springs in GT6 versus GT Sport.