gRally Officially Greenlit – Release March 10th?


One of the exciting titles in development is gRally, which is being tagged as a spiritual successor to Richard Burns Rally. Following a successful campaign on Steam Greenlight, a new teaser has been released, showing just a few words, but some exciting information.

Interestingly, the trailer mentions “In 9 days a dream comes true.” Based off initial assumptions, that means we could see the rally racing simulator officially being released on March 10th! This will be exciting for many racers, myself included, as the title was first teased in 2012.

The title is being developed by former members, who developed content and hosted events for Richard Burns Rally. There isn’t too much specific information, as in specific car/track counts, but the sim will support third party mods, which could be a great thing. It may be cool to see if there will be a way to have content carry over from RBR, but time will tell.

For more information, read the information below. Are you excited for the release of gRally? Let us know in the comments!

gRally is an Indie project born of the passion of the team crew.
With its slogan #DreamExperienceBelieve the team has put full faith in this product, the fruit of hard work in free time, wich it now offers to entire community of rally simmers.

gRally is not in a position to have official licenses at the moment and its starting point is a limited number of racing cars.

gRally, considered its Indie character, is modding-oriented. We developed integrated Unity tools that will facilitate the insertion of your creations, whether it be additional cars or tracks.

gRally has the same basic ideas of rbr-online, so expect exceptional doses of adrenaline during online session where one can compete against a host of players around the world.

gRally is abreast with all new gaming hardware: VR, TrackIR and multiscreen. It is possible to use the most popular brands of steering wheels and a vast number of home-made hardware devices.

gRally recreates the range of real rally conditions that drivers must face, including various type of surface and climate as well as diffenet times of day and night.

gRally places much importance on the co-driver’s role: as in a real rally it will be possible to realize real recce to set down customized pacenotes in order to achieve a higher degree of driving confidence and speed.

gRally is constantly evolving and has need of your support to improve ever more day by day.