Welcome to the Sim Racing Paddock!


Hello and welcome to the Sim Racing Paddock, a new website dedicated to the hobby of Sim Racing! My goal for this website is to provide the Sim Racing community with another place to gather (hence the name “Paddock”). I will also try to get a YouTube channel off the floor in the near future, to provide another outlet for quality Sim Racing videos.


I’ve been Sim Racing off and on for fifteen years now, with my first title being Papyrus’ NASCAR Racing 1999 Season. Being only 6 years old at the time, I mainly enjoyed wrecking the cars and creating awful paint schemes for the cars. I took a hiatus from gaming in general until 2004, and really got into the Gran Turismo series.

I got back into the PC Sim Racing market through NASCAR Sim Racing in 2008, and got hooked! I dove into this hobby, getting into rFactor, NetKar Pro, and now, I’m engrossed in this modern generation of sims (rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, RaceRoom, Project CARS, etc). I love the feeling of driving the car on the edge, and the rush of racing wheel to wheel with other people.

I hope you enjoy following along on this journey, and happy racing!