PS4 Fanatec CSL Elite Seen in Action at Zandvoort!


A couple days ago, I posted about the “leaked” Fanatec CSL Elite that is compatible with the Playstation 4. Now, we have video proof of the wheel in action, showcased at Zandvoort’s Jumbo Racing Days!

Mark Puc, known to the Sim Racing world as “AussieStig”, was able to attend the event in the Netherlands, and he caught sight of the new wheel. The new wheel was being tested at the rFactor 2 booth, which showcased a preview version of Zandvoort for the racing sim. I guess that wasn’t the only thing that was previewed on that booth, as there was an unusual looking Fanatec CSL Elite racing wheel there!

Upon closer inspection, Mark noticed that the wheel had Playstation buttons on it! That means the Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4, first seen in an Assetto Corsa changelog, is now CONFIRMED, and is actually functional.

The wheel base looks to have some design differences that separate it from the Xbox One compatible CSL Elite. The XB1 base featured this “tiled” design on it (Which I found rather ugly), but the PS4 variant appears to be a solid “Brushed Aluminum” look. While I doubt that the base is actual aluminum, at least the look feels a little more refined.

The wheel rim also appears to have a more premium look to it. Thomas Jackermeier confirmed to Mark that the wheel grip is of a hand-stitched leather, as opposed to the CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1’s rubber grip. The rest of the wheel appears to be a suede/Alcantara look, so that looks to be an improvement over the other wheel rim.

Not much else is known about the wheel right now, but it’s exciting to know that Fanatec is now going to be developing for the Playstation side too, and just in time for titles such as DiRT 4 (maybe in a future patch), F1 2017, Project CARS 2, and Gran Turismo Sport!

What are your thoughts on Fanatec’s new wheel? Let us know!

NOTE: The wheel is also visable in rFactor 2’s Zandvoort Preview video!