New Fanatec Playstation Mystery Product Teased


Fanatec has teased a new upcoming product on their blog site! While we don’t really have a clue what it is, Thomas Jackermeier has released some interesting tidbits of information, that should be pleasing to Playstation racers.

Fanatec Mystery ProductThomas Jackermeier mentions that this product:

  • Is NOT a wheel/wheel rim/button box
  • Is NOT a Playstation 4 adapter box (“There are already several converters on the market which work well. Why would we make another one?”)
  • Is something that no other company has ever done, even on PC.

This is not much to go on, but it should be exciting to see what comes out of this! The buttons on the side look car-related, so it’s safe to say they are sticking with Sim hardware. It is pretty clear that the button on the bottom-right is the Playstation logo, so that all but confirms this product will be PC compatible.

That looks to imply that Fanatec has finally patched things up with Sony and that the German Sim Hardware manufacturer will finally release products for the Playstation 4. Could that mean we may also see products, like a wheel hub/base/rim revealed for the PS4? Time will tell.

What do you think the mystery product from Fanatec is? Let us know your ideas in the comments!