GameReactor Interviews Thomas Jackermeier


Thomas Jackermeier Confirms New Fanatec Developments

A couple weeks ago, Kunos Simulazioni had a launch party to commemorate the Porsche Pack DLC for Assetto Corsa, which drew in press and notable figures. One notable figure was Thomas Jackermeier, head of Fanatec. Fanatec had a notable presence at the event, providing their Clubsport line for the racing simulators to test out. GamerReactor was able to interview Thomas, which brought us a lot of interesting information for the near future!

One of the very interesting things that has been confirmed is that Fanatec is looking into the realm of Virtual Reality. While they didn’t go into details, Thomas has confirmed that there will be “at least one” Virtual Reality component from Fanatec. That will mark the first time a dedicated sim racing company will have a self-produced VR headset!

Another tech that is being researched into is an “Affordable Motion Platform”. Thomas discussed about how it can be very expensive to get a “good” motion platform, so Fanatec is looking into how to make a more accessible motion setup.

A rather somber fact is that Thomas has confirmed that NO currently-available Fanatec wheel base will work with the Playstation 4. Thomas’ official statement was that Sony will ONLY allow officially licensed peripherals and accessories to function on the PS4, thereby prohibiting the CSW and CSL Elite wheel bases to function on the system. While he did acknowledge that, at first, Sony allowed developers to make support for unsupported accessories, that has since changed. Thomas did confirm that a PS4 Fanatec wheel has been confirmed, and should be here next year.

Also, we now have a concrete confirmation on how to pronounce Fanatec! Thomas has stated that the company IS pronounced “Fanatic”, but he is fine with it being pronounced “Fanatec”. I have been guilty of calling it both ways, but at least now we know what the original vision is!

This interview did reveal some interesting things coming out of the Fanatec camp, and I’d like to thank GameReactor for taking the time to interview Thomas Jackermeier! What are you looking forward to from Fanatec? Let us know in the comments!