Fanatec Podium Series – DD Wheel Reveal This Week

Fanatec Podium Series

Fanatec has announced the line for their upcoming high end hardware line, the Fanatec Podium Series. In addition, the first product, the eagerly awaited Direct Drive racing wheel, will be unveiled this week at the SimRacing Expo!

The Fanatec Podium Series will be the new premier line of hardware, positioned above the Clubsport hardware. The new premium hardware will be backwards compatible with the other Fanatec ecosystem, including Clubsport and CSL components.

The new wheel base will mark the first product in the Fanatec Podium Series, and will come in multiple configurations. The Base model will feature torque “Far greater than the Clubsport Wheel V2.5, for a competitive price”. Not much is known about the other configurations either, but it has mentioned to be “much stronger than you’ll be able to use for a long time.” In the future, the Podium Series will feature hardware such as Pedals, Wheel Rims, Shifters, Handbrakes, etc.

We’ll be able to get our first look at the Fanatec Podium Series Wheel in just a couple days, when Fanatec will be showcasing it at the 2017 SimRacing Expo! It’s still a mystery as to what model and what rim will be showcased at the event, but regardless, it will be exciting to see the wheel in action!

I unfortunately won’t be able to make it to the Expo myself this year, but I have a friend who is going to the event, and I’m hoping he will get some good footage for us! I’m also hoping for a possibility to review the wheel when it gets closer to release, so stay tuned to the Sim Racing Paddock Youtube channel!

Are you excited for the new products coming from Fanatec? Let us know!