Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel Announced – Coming Q4 2017

Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel Confirmed

One of the most eagerly awaited announcements has finally come! The Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel has been officially announced by Thomas Jackermeier, via a blog post on the website!

The yet-to-be-named Direct Drive Wheel from Fanatec will be available in a few different varieties, but the basic model will be “Significantly Stronger” than the Clubsport Wheel V2.5. Unlike other Direct Drive wheels, which split the motor and electronics into two units, this model will also feature all the components in a single base. The wheel will also be plug-and-play, to make it more accessible.

In terms of compatibility, Fanatec has confirmed that it will be fully compatible with ALL of the Clubsport steering rims, but it will also support a new line of rims. Fanatec is planning on releasing a “Hardcore Line” of peripherals, including rims, shifters, pedals, and so on.

Now the big thing, console compatibility. Thomas said this new Direct Drive wheel will be compatible with PC for sure. He also mentioned that he “sees no reason why it should not work on the Xbox One”. However, the “first generation DD base will NOT work with the Playstation 4”.

This is an exciting announcement, as we’re likely going to see an Xbox One compatible Fanatec Direct Drive racing wheel! Although details are few and far between, the knowledge of this is exciting in itself! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more details, including some images, coming out as this gets closer to release.

Speaking of release, when is this going to come out? Thomas has specified that the wheel is slated for a Q4 2017 release, so this year! There will also be a Beta program for the wheel once all of the internal testing is completed. Once that is done, an announcement will come to signal the sign-ups opening, so you can sign up for that, if you want to try to preview the unit.

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