Fanatec Announces Clubsport Pedals V3


Fanatec‘s Clubsport line of pedals is one of the preferred choices of Sim Racers around the world. A lot of times I’ve heard “What setup should I get?” and nine out of ten times, I’ve heard “__________ and Clubsports is the way to go!” Now, Fanatec has announced the third generation of their popular pedal set, the Clubsport Pedals V3.

While the jump from the V2 to the V3 was a relatively minor one, this looks to be a full overhaul! While the V2’s relatively weak 35kg load cell was notorious for failures, the V3 will feature a very beefy 90kg upgrade! In addition, it looks like you can adjust the initial throw of the brake pedal via the red dial on the top, which is better than having to break out the wrench and adjust it. Brake pressure can also now be adjusted via Fanatec’s wheel driver, and even through the quick menu!

The damper, as seen on the Clubsport Pedal V2’s brake has also seen a facelift. Many complained that the unit was weak and would leak, so Fanatec has redone it. The dampers are optional, but they will also work on the throttle, in addition to the brake. It also appears that Fanatec has decided to adopt a pneumatic damper system instead of a fluid displacement system, but I could be wrong there.

Some other notable features that are coming with the CSP V3 are:

  • A vibration motor on the gas, in addition to the brake, which was on the CSP V1 and V2.
  • Support to dirtectly plug the Clubsport Handbrake into the pedal unit.
  • Tilton-Style pedal faces that ship with the pedals
  • Stronger springs for gas and clutch pedals

InsideSimRacing has reported that the pedals will feature 4 times the resolution of the Clubsport Pedals V2, bringing 16,384 steps of resolution per pedal! I haven’t seen anyone else reporting on that fact, or the exact price of the pedals (ISR reports the pedals will be the same price as the CSP V2), but I’m guessing they received a press email direct from Fanatec. I have reached out to John Sabol and will keep you updated.

EDIT: I missed where it said it in the video. Was tucked away in a corner. My bad!

The Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3 are currently on their way to the warehouse, so a release appears to be imminent. All existing CSP V2 orders in Europe and the USA will be upgraded to a V3 model as well. More details will be revealed later this week! Are you excited for the Clubsport Pedals V3? Let us know in the comments!