Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Assetto Corsa Competizione

Why Assetto Corsa Competizione May Be the Sim We Need

While Assetto Corsa is one of my favorite Sim Racing titles, there's no denying that there is more of a focus on the "Sim"...

Why Don’t We See Hardcore Sim Racing Titles on the Consoles?

"PC Master Race". It's a term you hear all too often, constantly implying that gaming on a PC is superior to gaming on the...
Sim Racing E-Sports

Why Hasn’t Sim Racing Taken Off in the E-Sports World?

E-Sports have become a major force in the gaming world, with many people gathering together to watch people play games such as Overwatch, League...

GT Omega Pro Racing Cockpit Review

A few months ago, I released my video review of the GT Omega Pro Racing Cockpit, but I also decided that I wanted to...
Project CARS 2 First Impressions

Project CARS 2 – Can it Redeem Itself?

2017 is going to be a huge year for sim racing, with GTR 3, DiRT 4, Project CARS 2, and more in development! Slightly...
FIA Formula E

Exposure: A Double Edged Sword

It can be argued that, in terms of Sim Racing exposure, we are reaching more people than ever before. With titles such as rFactor 2,...

Sim Racing Paddock’s 2 Year Anniversary!

Well, we've made it, guys! Sim Racing Paddock has officially reached its two year anniversary, and I've decided to bring some special things to...

Opinion: Reviving the Sim Racing Community

Matt Orr, who goes by the moniker "Empty Box", is one of the top Sim Racing Youtubers. His latest video highlights a rather controversial...

Will a High End Set of Pedals Make You a Better Driver?

Last month, I released a video asking the question if a high end wheel can make you a better driver. The TL:DR version of...

Race2Play to Close Next Month

Race2Play, one of the main online racing sites through the mid-late 2000's, has announced that they will be shutting their doors at the end...