GamerMuscle Reviews SimPliCity SW20 DD Wheel


Direct Drive racing wheels are an interesting topic. Most of the racing wheels are in the >$1,000 price range, and for a while, Open Sim Wheel was an exercise in technical know-how and mechanical engineering. Now, we’re seeing pre-built OSW bundles from companies, including SimPliCity. We now have a review from James of GamerMuscle, showcasing his Open Sim Wheel from SimPliCity!

At 16 minutes, the review does take a bit to watch, but it is chock full of great information. The specific model that James reviewed is the SW20, which features the small MiGE motor, generating 20Nm of peak torque, for a price tag of under $1,000 USD. Note that the wheel does NOT include a steering wheel rim, but James used an OMP Trecento wheel rim, with a button box from

If you are wanting more footage of James testing out the wheel, I also recommend you check out the GamerMuscle Youtube channel. Now, we just need to see him play Counter Strike with the wheel!