F1 2017 – New Gameplay Trailer Highlights Career Mode


Codemasters has released a new trailer for F1 2017, this time taking a look at the revisions and enhancements made into the career mode.

The enhanced career mode will take you in the seat of a Formula One driver making his way up the ranks, negotiating deals, and improving your car. Another exciting element added to the career mode is the ability to take part in invitational events using classic Formula One cars!

Classic F1 cars are a major feature of the virtual career, and they look to be added to the career mode in a rather unique way. You will be invited at points during the season to drive classic Formula One cars, and take place in time trial events or races. This actually reflects how it can be in real life, where drivers sometimes get opportunities to drive classic cars, so I think that’s a nice touch.

In addition to the career mode, the trailer shows off some features that won’t be in the mode, such as multi-class racing and alternative track layouts. One of the most notable “configurations” is running at Monaco at night. While they don’t do that in real life, I bet it will look spectacular in the game!

F1 2017 is set for release August 25th worldwide. Are you excited for it?