F1 2015 – More Information Released


Codemasters has been hard at work making their first next-gen Formula One racing title, F1 2015. The will be covering both the 2014 and 2015 season in this game, and now we’ve got more info on when we can get behind the wheel.

F1 2015

The planned release date for F1 2015 is June 12th, 2015. Codies said they would have loved to release the game in March, but due to the secrecy of F1 teams, they are “not able to work on what they haven’t seen”. The June release will ship with the F1 teams as they were at Melbourne. That means there will be no Manor F1 on the grid, and it’s likely Alonso could be absent to start.

Codemasters has a long-term vision for the title, which includes mid-season patches. Manor will be implemented in a later update, and the cars will improve alongside real life. This is a feature I’m looking forward to, because I don’t recall any racing title doing something similar.

Another piece of info touched upon was frame rates and resolution. Codemasters is striving for 60 FPS across the board but, like Slightly Mad Studios, they have had to compromise on Xbox One’s resolution. The Xbox One will be 900p, the PS4 will have native 1080p, while the PC will support higher resolutions and triple screens.

For more information, you can check out this EuroGamer interview for F1 2015. Are you looking forward to F1 2015 when it is released this June? Let us know in the comments!