DiRT Rally – Pikes Peak Images


Not many people saw DiRT Rally coming, when it was announced and immediately released in April. One major announcement was that the game would be an Early Access title on Steam, with incremental updates. A major update would bring the legendary Pikes Peak Hillclimb to the racing title, the first since the original DiRT title. Now, we have a couple new previews, compliments of Codemasters’ “DiRT Rally Road Book” (their blog).

[pullquote cite=”Paul Coleman – About Force Feedback” type=”left”]“We’ve got things feeling right as far as the Force Feedback is concerned but it has taken a complete rewrite to get us to this point. Next we are going to get it in the hands of some rally drivers to get their feedback (pardon the pun). We are also working on the in-game calibration, configuration and options screens to give you more control over how the wheel feels.[/pullquote]

The blog only showed two images, but thanks to a little digging, I was able to uncover a couple more images. Since the last time Pikes Peak was featured in a rally title, it has been fully paved over, so it will be a little less DiRTy than you recall (please forgive me for that horrible pun!), but it should still be fun to drive on.

Paul Coleman has elaborated on how Pikes Peak will show off how DiRT Rally is technically superior to previous titles. For example, as you race up the mountain, the reduction in air pressure will be simulated, resulting in less power and downforce. It is already implemented in the game (he gives a comparison of Greece and Wales as an example), but you’ll be able to feel a drop in power AS you race on Pikes Peak.

Hillclimb will also be implemented in the next update as a mode to race on. Hillclimb will be accurately recreated, which means flying blind with no co-driver. That should be an extra challenge, and I’m looking forward to giving it a spin.

The next update for DiRT Rally should also include the new and improved Force Feedback and wheel support. Many people had some concerns that the Force Feedback was similar to the console-oriented predecessors, and would not be as authentic. Hearing about the FFB being totally rewritten could be a promising sign, but we’ll see how it will work once it is released. Could we see the advanced wheel controls coming to other racing titles as well? Time will tell.

Are you looking forward to the next update for DiRT Rally? How do you think Pikes Peak looks in the previews? Let us know in the comments!