DiRT Rally – Announced/Released!


Many rally titles have been announced the past few months, giving us a lot to look forward to. Many people were also looking forward to the next iteration in the DiRT series by Codemasters. While it wasn’t a hardcore simulation a la Richard Burns Rally, DiRT was a fun game, that featured believable physics. Now, we have a new announcement for DiRT Rally. Best of all? You can play it NOW on Steam Early Access!

This title has taken a massive shift away from the “Feels like a 15-year old designed it” X-Games Extreme yadda yadda, and has returned to its roots of sorts. This is more like the older Colin McRae games, and dare I say, like RBR. There is a team management aspect, where you will hire staff and improve your car as you progress through the game. In addition, Damage has become a lot more realistic,  similar to the original DiRT title. You will now be able to repair your car between stages, but you’ll have limited time to do so.

As of right now, content is limited due to the “Early Access” nature of the title. Three locations are available, with 36 stages to drive:

  • Powys, Wales
  • Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Argolis, Greece

There are a variety of different weather conditions, and you can drive the stages in the day OR at night.

14 cars are available over 6 classes. Both classics and modern rally vehicles are recreated in DiRT Rally. The physics have seen an overhaul as well, to make the title more realistic.

For more information, check out the Steam Page for DiRT Rally. It is now available for $31.49, and will be updated regularly (likely on a monthly basis). Now, rally fans, are you sitting down? The next update is coming end of May, and it will include Pikes Peak! Yep, one of the most famous hillclimb courses is coming back to a racing title!

Are you going to try out DiRT Rally? Let us know in the comments!

Note: EuroGamer has released a preview for DiRT Rally, and they’re calling it Codemaster’s first “Hardcore Sim”. Interesting…

Note 2: This will be PC EXCLUSIVE, at least for now