DiRT 4 – Now Available Worldwide

DiRT 4 Released

Codemasters has finally released DiRT 4 to the world, after their “Soft Launch” in the United States on June 6th! The title is now available on consoles and on the PC worldwide!

DiRT 4 is technically the 6th “DiRT” title, and the 12th in the Colin McRae Rally series (though it no longer bears the name of the late Rally legend). The title boasts new features, such as the “Your Stage” course creator, boasting a dynamic track creation tool. The title also features a comprehensive Career Mode, where you can build up your Racing Team, hiring/firing staff, gaining sponsorship, and increasing your garage space.

DiRT 4 features a roster of 50+ cars, and 5 locations for Rally. Rallycross makes its return, with 5 tracks available to run on. Landrush returns for the first time since DiRT 3, with 3 tracks. DirtFish is a new free-roam location that is available to drive on, and also features a new driving school, to help hone your craft.

An exciting return is the Player vs Player Online Rally mode, which allows you to compete on rally stages against other drivers (albeit in a stand-alone environment). Daily/Weekly/Monthly time trials also allow you to compete for top times across rally stages hand-picked by Codemasters.

DiRT 4 is now available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. If you want more information, check out our review here! (Written Review Coming Soon)

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