DiRT 4 Released

DiRT 4 – Now Available Worldwide

Codemasters has finally released DiRT 4 to the world, after their "Soft Launch" in the United States on June 6th! The title is now...
DiRT 4 RallyCross Trailer Image

DiRT 4 – RallyCross Trailer and Official Wheel List Revealed

DiRT 4 is set to be released in two weeks, and their PR team is really ramping things up! They have not only released...
DiRT 4 Fiesta

DiRT 4 April Road Book Tackles Stage Creator

Like rFactor 2's Road Map, Codemasters has regularly been putting out development progress updates via their Road Book. With DiRT 4 just a couple...
DiRT 4 First Look

DiRT 4 – First Look

DiRT 4 is one of the most eagerly awaited Rally titles for this generation of video games, following the success of DiRT Rally in...
DiRT Rally Linux

DiRT Rally – Coming To Linux March 2

While DiRT 4 is recently grabbing the headlines with the new announcement, DiRT Rally is still kicking, and is about to find a new...
F1 2016

Some More F1 2016 and DiRT 4 News

A few days ago, I touched on a Beta patch for F1 2016, that was set to finally fix the tire wear bug. Now,...

DiRT 4 Announced – Custom Stage Builder Teased

The next numbered installment in the DiRT Franchise has been announced by Codemasters! Following the success of surprise hit DiRT Rally, Codies has announced...

DiRT Rally To Add PSVR Support, Co-Driver Mode

DiRT Rally has become one of the top racing games on the consoles, in addition to PC, and has garnered a strong following. With...
Dirt 3

DiRT 3 Free Until November 12th

The Humble Store is currently offering Codemasters' DiRT 3 Complete Edition for FREE, until November 12th! While DiRT Rally is one of the most...

DiRT Rally 1.3 Adds Oculus Rift Support

Fly through rally stages with the Oculus Rift! DiRT Rally was one of the truly underrated gems of the sim racing world when it released...