AC: USCC Mod Car Pack 1 Released


International Endurance Racing Modding Group has released the first car pack of their USCC mod for Assetto Corsa, featuring the Corvette Daytona Prototype and the Oreca FLM09 LMPC race cars. The mod was released on January 14th, 2015, one day behind their scheduled release date, due to unforeseen circumstances.


The Corvette Daytona Prototype has the distinction of being the first scratch-built third party car to be released for Assetto Corsa, and it has gotten a complete overhaul. The model has been redone by Stereo, bringing it to a much higher level of quality. The sounds have also been reworked, to take advantage of the FMOD engine.


The second car to be released for the USCC mod is the Oreca FLM09. The car is utilized in the USCC’s LMPC class, which is a spec series. The car has been recreated using exact data for the car, and uses sounds from Fonsecker. The car definitely looks nice, and I’m looking forward to taking it for a spin!

The IER USCC mod definitely has some other exciting cars coming in the near future. The Porsche 911 GTA is being worked on by Patrik Marek, and the SRT Viper is also being worked on. For more information about the upcoming content, check out the mod page here.


Have you given these cars a spin in Assetto Corsa yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know!