Assetto Corsa 1.13 Brings Mazda Miata NA and 787B

Assetto Corsa Mazda 787B

The latest update to Assetto Corsa brings two classic cars from Mazda to the sim! The Mazda Miata (MX5) NA and 787B are the new additions Assetto Corsa, further bolstering the sim’s Japanese roster. (The Mazda 787B and Miata were actually started as third party content for Assetto Corsa, and then Kunos Simulazioni acquired the license and helped make the mods official content!)

Assetto Corsa Mazda MiataThe Mazda Miata has been regarded to as one of the quintessential roadsters, featuring a touted 50:50 weight balance, and neutral handling. The new update brings the first generation model Miata as sold in the United States. From what I’ve heard, this is the 1.8L model, which produces around 131 horsepower.

The Mazda 787B is one of the legendary Le Mans Prototypes, holding the record as the first (and only) Japanese car to take home the 24 Hours of Le Mans overall victory. The car featured the unique Quad-Rotor R26B engine, which generated up to 700 horsepower, and an absolutely INSANE sound! While the car wasn’t the fastest compared to the competition, the car featured higher reliability, which led to it winning the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans.

After 1991, Rotary engines were outlawed in Le Mans competition, so the 787B was not able to defend its victory, but its place in history has been established, and we can relive that era in Assetto Corsa now!

AC Porsche 911 RSRIn addition, the Porsche 911 RSR 2017 has been added to the sim! This new race car will be added to your roster, IF YOU ALREADY OWN the Porsche Pack III DLC!

In addition to the new cars, the new update brings support for OpenVR and, by extension, the HTC Vive! The OpenVR Protocol helps bring more VR headsets to the sim, and to make it open-ended. Some fixes and tweaks have also been implemented for the Oculus Rift in this update.

More multiplayer enhancements have also made their way to the sim, including Reversed Grid Races! According to the changelog: “The race session will be restarted in reversed grid order based on the standings of the previous race. Players disqualified in the first race will start from the back of the grid in the second race, regardless of their position being within the reversed grid range.”

Another relatively minor, but potentially exciting addition is the ability to link multiple Steam IDs to a car in a race. I’m going to speculate a bit here, but it sounds like Kunos is starting to lay down the groundwork for driver swaps in a race?! That could be a major boost for endurance racing if that’s the case!

Another addition is the “Mandatory Pit Stop” rule. You can institute a Pit Window, where drivers will be required to pit during a race. You can stop before or after as much as you’d like, but you would HAVE to stop within the window to have it count.

It seems like Kunos is making a smart decision by switching over to focusing on some more racing rules. Hopefully we see more coming in the near future, but we’re heading the right direction.

Have you tested out the new update? What are your thoughts? Let us know!