We have been fed a steady trickle of information in regards to the free Bonus Pack, coming to Assetto Corsa in the near future. Kunos Simulazioni has now released a couple previews, showing off a couple of the road cars coming to the sim: the Toyota GT86 and Alfa Romeo Mito.

Still not much is known about the Bonus Pack, but what is known is quite exciting. One significant aspect is that the pack will be the introduction of Toyota and Audi to Assetto Corsa! Audi will bring us the Quattro in the Bonus Pack. We will also get the Nissan GT-R NISMO, a road version of the GT3 race car we got with the Dream Pack 1 DLC. That means we know four out of the five cars coming in the pack. What will the fifth be?



In addition to the cars, one new track will be in the pack: Zandvoort. The Dutch racing circuit was dropped on us by surprise, but it is a welcome one! The modern course is 2.676 miles, and features 13 turns. One question that pops to mind is if the release will include a historic layout of the track. Zandvoort is a historic course, dating back to the late 1940’s, so it would be interesting to relive the history of this classic Formula One circuit.

Are you looking forward to the Bonus Pack? What car do you think will be the fifth in the pack? Let us know your thoughts!