Assetto Corsa 1.0.2 Released


Kunos Simulazioni has released the latest patch for Assetto Corsa, bringing it to version 1.0.2. This update brings welcome bug fixes to the racing title, including some tweaks to the damage engine.

One of the main gripes many had with Assetto Corsa was how sensitive the damage was, particularly in regards to car-to-car contact. You could have a car lightly tap your rear bumper, and be left with a shattered windshield. Now, I haven’t tested this latest update yet, but it sounds like this has been fixed.

I am also hoping that, while not mentioned in the changelog, that we may see an update in car-to-object collisions. While I feel car-to-car was a more pressing issue in Assetto Corsa, car-to-wall is almost nonexistant. You could slam into a wall head on at 100+ mph, and be left with a hanging bumper, and no mechanical damage.

For a full list of updates in the Assetto Corsa 1.0.2 update, check out this changelog below:

[accordion id=”my-accordion”] [accordion_item parent_id=”my-accordion” title=”Assetto Corsa 1.0.2 Update Changelog” open=”false”] – Fixed wrong impact speed calculation for car to car contact resulting in too much damage
– Fixed possible wrong grain calculations when tyre has no load
– Fixed car bottom not colliding with road
– Fixed bottom collision box for Mercedes SLS GT3, Lotus Evora GX and GTC, Ferrari 312T, Pagani Huayra
– Fixed wrong camber for remote cars on multiplayer [/accordion_item] [/accordion]

We also have an interesting announcement, via an interview with Motorsport Italia. Marco Massarutto has confirmed that Brands Hatch will be coming to Assetto Corsa, and production will start on it this year. In addition, we have a new timeframe on when the Dream Pack DLC, which includes that laser-scanned Nurburgring Nordschleife, will be coming. Marco has said that it’s release will be a matter of “weeks, not months”. However, for a polished experience, I think we’re willing to wait a bit.

Have you given the latest update for Assetto Corsa a spin? What are your thoughts? Let us know!