Daytona USA 3 Championship – Trailer Released


I know that most sim racers have a soft spot in their hearts for the Daytona USA arcade game, myself included. Last week, there was a surprise announcement that Daytona USA would have a THIRD installment in the famed series, for release in early 2017. Now, we have the first trailer of the game, and it looks like a blast!

This title will be a follow-up to Daytona USA 2, which was released nearly twenty years ago, in 1998. This has been heralded by news outlets as a “Rebooting” of the series, and I could see why they would say that. The main car has been upgraded to reflect the looks of 2016 Stock Cars, but the iconic Hornet will also be included.

Three circuits have been confirmed to be in the game, which will be revamped versions of the original 3 tracks in Daytona USA. Three more circuits will be available in the final version of the game, bringing the total up to 6. “Multiple” vehicles will be in the game, but it’s not certain as to how many are going to be included.

The cabinets have also seen an overhaul, most notably a 47″ Monitor for the game. A lot of the buttons are the same as they were before, which gives me a nice taste of nostalgia. One thing that people noticed was that the shifter was still working in an H-Pattern, but the cabinet had a sticker showing as sequential, so it will be interesting to see which way Sega goes for shifting.

Daytona USA 3 Championship
Photo Credit Arcade Heroes

It appears that, for Daytona USA 3, Sega is really emphasizing the competitive nature of the game. Up to 8 cabinets will be able to be attached for 8-player races. In addition, a live camera will be attached to each setup, and you will be able to see other competitors’ faces during the racing.

Daytona USA 3 will be powered by a Windows-based system, as opposed to a more standard arcade-based operating system. While that may not mean much, I am suspecting that it would make porting the game over to consoles easier in the future. Now, this is just total speculation, there’s no confirmation this could go to the PS4/Xbox One/PC, but it doesn’t hurt to think optimistically!

Daytona USA 3 Championship will be released in March of next year. What are your thoughts on this classic getting an overhaul? Let us know in the comments!