Sim Racing Paddock Going FULL-Time! (and Some Other Announcements)


Hey guys! I have some really exciting news!

A. TODAY marks SIX YEARS since I registered the Sim Racing Paddock domain name, so today marks the unofficial 6th birthday of Sim Racing Paddock! I technically went public on January 7th if I remember correctly, but I started working on the site before that.

B. I am announcing that I am going to be getting a THIRD studio (see the image above)! My business mentor, who also made my shirts/hats that I’m now selling, is letting me use part of his office as a studio! You may remember my earlier videos, including my first Fanatec review:  This was done at his office, while he was juggling running an apparel business and a motorsports themed café! Look closely, and you’ll see the inspiration for my first ever logo…

Now, he’s setting apart a space for me to run as my “Studio 3”, and is giving me free reign to race, stream, record, etc! This is going to be very exciting, and I’m planning on doing a “Celebration Stream” when I get things set up!

C. I have around ten reviews coming up! I am going to be reviewing THREE Aluminum Extrusion cockpits, one from Trak Racer in Australia, and two from Advanced SimRigs in the USA. Also… I’ll FINALLY be reviewing the Vesaro Cockpit, which is one that’s honestly… kind of terrified me a bit, because it’s such a big cockpit, I was trying to wait for the right time to review it, and not just “rush it” in my old studio, which I was juggling between my mom’s storage, my sister/her fiancé’s business, and my channel, I just couldn’t get things going right.

I’m also going to be reviewing the Fanatec Podium Wheel F1 and the Podium Porsche Endurance wheel! I had my first impressions video shot and filmed at my Studio B, which is actually the place I moved to in September, which I’m running the Simetik K2 at right now (currently testing out accessories on that, but that’s for another video as well..).


C.2. I’m going to be reviewing the Simagic M10 Revision 2! I know I was harsh on it in my Buyer’s Guide, but they told me the Revision 2 is a significant improvement, so I am swallowing my pride, and bought one, and it’s going to be arriving today!!

I’m also going to be reviewing the new Sim-Lab Dashboard that will be coming out soon! I don’t know too much about it, but I’m excited to see how it works. (Note, the image is from Richard Schouteren, head of Sim-Lab. I do not have one yet)

C.3. I’m also pre-ordering the Playstation 5, should be here in a couple weeks. Should be fun to test out! Note that I haven’t gotten a pre-order of any of the new graphics cards or the Xbox Series X, but I’m trying.

D. Due to overwhelming requests, I am also going to be releasing my Cockpit Buyer’s guide second, which is currently in progress. It just hit me… I’ve reviewed over twelve cockpits in 5 years, and have driven with about… 6 others. Talk about a far cry from the kiddo who was filming videos with his friend on his “Ghetto Blaster” cockpit! 

and I’m going to try some new filming strategies in the video. I’m going to be trying to separate it into as many different subsections as possible, and try to highlight many companies that are making these. I will also be working on Buyer’s Guides for Pedals, Sim Racing games, and many more!

E. I will be working on one of my most ambitious projects yet next month! I’m going to keep this one under wraps for now, but trust me… You’ll want to watch this one 😉

F. I’m going to be releasing a “Retro SRP” Shirt, that will feature either the original logo designed by myself and my mentor, or a modified version of the current logo, but designed to look like the original logo! Let me know what you would think!

G. I’m also re-launching the Forums at! I know the Discord and Youtube Channels are great and all, but I am wanting people to showcase their projects, their love for Sim Racing, and not have it “Fade away” into a chat history. One of my initial visions for Sim Racing Paddock is that it’s going to be a community effort, not just the “Will Marsh Show”…

H. Which brings me to my next announcement…. I am going to be working on Sim Racing Paddock FULL-TIME! I have been working on SRP as somewhat of a “Passion Project” for 6 years now, and it’s crazy how long I’ve been working on this to build it up… A couple times, I “Rage Quit” the channel, and took multiple jobs, at one point I was juggling 3 jobs at once!

But now, thanks to so many people helping believe in me (My Mentor for helping me launch the channel and helping me learn the business side, my mother for helping financially support me while I went back to school to learn the skills to up my production value, the community for helping support me and helping me grow [and putting up with me when I’d randomly vanish]…), I’m able to actually financially support my passion, and be able to try to make some awesome videos!

I. I will be doing more community streams, more community efforts, and also, more projects like Buyer’s Guides. I spent over 30 hours working on the Wheel Buyer’s Guide, and it’s really paid off. Amazon, Fanatec, and other Affiliate Programs have really helped me financially, and have allowed me to invest over $10,000 into the channel behind the scenes this year alone! Also, I never really revealed the extent of this, but last year, someone stole over $5,000 from my Paypal Credit Account, and I was finally able to pay that off and get debt free!

But now, I’m going to need your guys’ help… Right now, I’m having to not just support myself, but also my mother in some ways while my family is battling multiple lawsuits against people who have defrauded my family (including a former really close friend, who was a financial advisor and an elder at my old church…) This has been a major fight that my mother and I have had to battle for over a year now, and it’s been emotionally, mentally, and financially draining. That is a major reason why my family had to move to a different home, what motivated me to finally move out, and why I’m deciding to go full-time on this channel.

J. There is a link that says “How to Support SRP”. That page includes a variety of companies I am partnering with, to help support the channel’s growth. The list is going to grow, and if you’re looking to help support me through this leap of faith, that would be incredibly appreciated.

My mentor made the SRP shirts and hats free of cost to me, so I can try to help support myself and my family, as well as help promote his business, who has done so much to help me get my start. It’s the least that I can do to help him grow his brand, so check out the shop, and check out Vicci Moto if you need new shirts or apparel for your team and brand….

Fanatec is a brand that gave me my first shot at a product review. They gave me my first affiliate partnership and they helped me grow. Also, shortly, I’ll get to the bottom of “Fan-uh-tech” vs “Fanatic”…

SimuCUBE is another brand that has helped me significantly, and has allowed me to test out some setups most people only DREAM of! I don’t have an affiliate marketing brand with them, but I’m proud to call them a supporter.

Amazon’s affiliate is tricky to deal with, but it has supported me in some really tight months. Logitech, Thrustmaster, and other products I’ve reviewed are also on Amazon, which can help support the channel. Check the Wheel Buyer’s guide for links.

Fanatical is a site that I’ve really supported, and apparently I go way back with but never realized it? While they may not have the BEST deals compared to CDKeys or G2A, Fanatical is one of the few (third party) retailers I trust, with Humble Bundle and GreenManGaming being a couple others.

Trak Racer is a brand that I played a role in helping improve their products. They took input and cues from me and other Youtubers that helped improve their RS6 M2, as well as helped design their TR80 and TR160. I don’t have a promo code yet, but I may soon.

GT Omega provided me with my first cockpit review, with their Pro Cockpit. Before that, I was racing with a $150 cockpit I built out of wood! They’re working on redoing the affiliate program, so stay tuned for a link to them soon.

Sim-Lab: One of my favorite cockpits, especially on a budget. Affiliate Link hopefully coming soon.

So, if you can, please help support the channel, and I’ll have some more exciting announcements. I’m considering a Patreon, but I don’t know what I can offer yet to really “sweeten the deal” for you guys. I want to make sure you are being compensated for your help.

Thank you again, and I’ll see you soon!